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After a long illness I lost my Mum in September last year. Although predicted, we had planned and talked for years about what would happen afterwards, I really thought I was prepared  for this moment. I soon realised that nothing can ever prepare you for it. It's fair to say I was an emotional mess, I couldn't focus, felt lost and so alone and every day was a real struggle. 

I've never been a fan of popping pills or spending endless hours talking and re-living the past so I decided to made an appointment to see what Acupuncture could do. After an initial consultation, Melody created a treatment plan for me. My acupuncture sessions have literally been a lifesaver, I went through some very dark moments and wondered what's the point many many times. I went through every emotion possible even ones I never knew about!. Not only did we work on the emotional side of things, we also worked on the physical aches and pains too. I had an issue with my hip for years and now I am pain free which is truly amazing!! 

As for today, I'm back to my old self 'new' self and I can't thank Melody enough for her patience, kindness, support and most of all putting my socks on the radiator! 

Miss M

I cannot recommend Lotus Acupuncture Wiltshire enough. Melody is calm and patient and put me immediately at ease. I have had a course of treatment, and the positive impact this had on my physical well being has been amazing.

Mrs C

Melody provides a holistic approach to healing.  I have had the pleasure of being her patient over the last year and she has shown kindness, patience and an extensive knowledge of a range of treatments for physical and mental well being.

I have felt confident in her ability as a practitioner and she relates well to patients, listening and suggesting solutions to resolve medical problems. 

I can highly recommend Melody as an acupuncturist practitioner.  I have felt that Melody has supported me to improve my well being from the first moment I met her.

Ms G

Before having acupuncture I was in pain every day.  This was really starting to affect my quality of life and I was feeling very low.

After just one appointment with Melody my pain virtually disappeared!  Not only that, I felt better in myself.  I have had a couple of follow up appointments and now I am pain free.

I am feeling so much more positive, after being in such despair. I now know something can be done for my pain and I don't have to suffer any more, just give Melody a call!

Mr B

During the spring of this year, I noticed my skin starting to show signs of ageing; deep wrinkles on my forehead, softening of my jawline and a lovely wrinkle on my chin. I decided I needed to take action, and soon!

I spoke to Melody about Facial Acupuncture and the benefits of it.  I knew instantly that it was the treatment for me!

The day after my first session I noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin, after my third session family and friends were noticing a difference too which made me feel wonderful.  I also found that my make up wasn't clogging in my wrinkled forehead anymore, thanks to those wrinkles being much closer to the surface.

Following my sixth session my skin is firmer, my wrinkles are almost completely gone and my overall complexion has improved too.

After every session I came away feeling relaxed and confident with my new younger looking skin.

I can't wait to continue my treatment on a maintenance basis to keep me looking healthy and fresh.

Mrs B

Yesterday I went for my second session after suffering pain in my back and last night I had the best night sleep for ages, the pain has pretty much gone and I feel so much better.

Melody made me feel at ease straight away and I loved the sessions.

I would recommend it to anyone.

Ms H

Being slightly scared of needles Melody instantly puts me at ease before the session begins. She is so professional yet personal in her approach and tailors each session to what is needed.

My results so far are fantastic and I can’t wait to continue my treatments with her.

Miss H

I was recommended Melody by a friend for anxiety and sleep. I found Melody very welcoming and friendly, and very compassionate and knowledgeable.  After my first session I had the best night's sleep! I attended 3 sessions in total and my sleep and anxiety have improved tremendously.  I have no hesitation in recommending Melody and will revisit if any issues occur.  Please give it a go, it will help!

Mrs S

Melody is a lovely, caring person who immediately puts you at ease. I have been seeing her for a while now receiving acupuncture and the effects have been amazing! My physical, emotional and mental wellbeing have been improved immensely, and her dietary and lifestyle advice have enabled me to deal with my chronic conditions much better. I would recommend anyone thinking about acupuncture to give Melody a try!

Miss C

Just had my 3rd session with Melody, I felt so relaxed during and after my last session, slept so well the night after and have already noticed positive improvements with my health, probably one of the best decisions I've made- starting regular acupuncture, and I'm really looking forward to seeing where this journey goes, Highly recommended!!

Mrs A

I highly recommend Lotus Acupuncture; Melody is a healer in the truest sense. I have been seeing Melody for general well-being, self-confidence, and the occasional physical issue. The benefits of my treatments reach far beyond the physical acupuncture; she is an excellent listener and has a naturally caring nature; even the texts we exchange make me feel nurtured. We talk, we laugh, I often let out tears I've been holding back, and I always leave feeling both grounded and uplifted.

Miss K

Melody made me feel so at ease straight away because of her friendly personality and her professionalism. It is clear she has a thorough medical understanding and totally gets how she can help you. Her clinic is a clean and relaxing space and my treatment has been effective, pain free and relaxing. I would definitely recommend Melody!

Mrs M

I can’t recommend Melody enough! She is so knowledgeable and friendly and really keeps you calm and relaxed before every treatment. I get acupuncture as I have a lot of bodily pains and back and neck problems but I was really scared of needles now I have no issues at all I have been getting treated for months and the results in my body are phenomenal. I would recommend Melody and her methods to everybody for all sorts of ways to benefit their health and life!!!!

Mr F

Melody has been a lifesaver, I’ve been having sleep issues for years and it was making my everyday life not happy at all, making the decision to have acupuncture was the best, wish it had been sooner. Melody is very caring and very professional. Thank you

Miss D

I had heard but never tried acupuncture before and Melody was highly recommended to me and it has made a massive difference to my overall health! I initially got it for back and neck pain as well as a detox…. I also suffer from insomnia and after only a few treatments I’m feeling great! I will continue to keep getting this treatment and my overall health is much better and I recommend to everybody! Melody makes me feel so comfortable and is super knowledgeable about everything and she really wants to help so a Massive Thank you Melody!!

Mr J

With the magic Melody produces with her needles, she really should work in Hogwarts. I attended her clinic with severe fatigue. She was so nice and took a genuine interest in me and my health. She made me feel at ease and took time to listen to me and offer lifestyle advice to help me to compliment her treatment. I am scared of needles, but with Melody’s kind nature and expertise, I managed to deal with this fear and have the treatment. I felt good after my first treatment, great after my second and amazing after my third. Melody I can’t thank you enough.

Mr M

Melody is absolutely amazing person inside and out; not only good as what she does but she also should be a qualified counselor, such a great listener really enjoy going to see her, thank you again Melody for everything!!

Mrs Y

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